10 January

Running Shoes: The importance of a good shoe and how to find it

  The beauty of running is that the only crucial equipment you need is a good pair of shoes.  Many people initially choose shoes for aesthetic reasons, picking the one that looks the best. However, choosing the right shoes can have a huge impact on how efficient you run and will keep you injury free. […]

9 January

First Timers: Training with a Group

  All types of runners go to running groups, from those who have an impressive pace to the casual runner to beginners who do a run/walk mix. They go because running with a group can be beneficial on many levels. It allows you to immerse yourself into the running culture, meet people, make friends and […]

6 January

Incorporating running into your life

By: Ryan Green Running errands sounds simple because we do it all the time, but this type will take a few minutes of planning. But literally run around town and do the things you need to do, like running to the grocery store. A few things you may need: a jogging stroller, a safe route, […]

2 January

First Timers: Overcoming barriers

    Every runner has had to overcome barriers on their path to becoming a runner. “Mine were all mental barriers–just thinking I couldn’t do it,” says Danielle West, who has been running for four months and utilized a Couch to 5K program to get her through two 5k races. James Imhoff, whose been running […]

21 October

Louisiana Runs

  Louisiana Runs provides support to individuals and organizations dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of running in the state of Louisiana. Our story begins with the fact that Louisiana ranks consistently in the bottom of health and fitness levels of states in the union.  We believe that running can change this. The mission of […]