Incorporating running into your life

By: Ryan Green

Running errands sounds simple because we do it all the time, but this type will take a few minutes of planning. But literally run around town and do the things you need to do, like running to the grocery store. A few things you may need: a jogging stroller, a safe route, and anything you need in the store. Getting there can be a bit of a challenge as many of us take the most direct route or the highest speed road when we are in our cars. That may not be the safest when on foot however. Take a look at a map overview (I used the Google Maps app) of the area you are going to run to see if there are any less congested streets for you to travel. You might even consider a “dry run” of your proposed route before tackling your real grocery store trip. This will give you an idea of run time, route direction, and even how much time you need to allot in the store for your shopping if you are a bit time pressed (but then again, aren’t we all). The jogging stroller is essential if you don’t want to lug back your bought items in a backpack or have to carry them back by hand (both can be a challenge when you are running). Don’t have a stroller, I’m sure you have a running friend that have children stroller-age that you can borrow from. This is almost a “must have” when running errands. Not only can you put your groceries in the passenger section of the stroller (one of my trips had three sacks on groceries in our BOB Revolution main section), but it helps to carry any nutrition and a phone (I used my iPhone for a reroute) you might need for your run and also a change of clothes for your brief actual shopping trip: a dry shirt, a wallet, and your grocery list might be some bare essentials you would need in-store. So planning to “run errands” instead of just running out the door and jumping in your car takes a little planning, but can be so much more time efficient (my trip was five miles and took me one hour including the grocery store time).